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About BetterPocketKnife.comHello and welcome to BetterPocketKnife.com. My name is Michael and I love knives. Folding knives and EDC pocket knives to be more specific. They have always fascinated me from early childhood and they still do even to this day. Let me tell you why…

Why I Enjoy Collecting and Carrying Knives

Not only do I consider pockets knives essential tools for every day life, but they can also be extremely beautiful in design, highly functional and fun to collect! They are excellent tools for a wide range of uses, such as  opening packages, cutting zip ties, whittling, personal grooming or even emergency tools should you find yourself in a dire situation. Despite this, folding knives (all blades and cutting tools actually) seem to have gotten a bad rep lately that I feel is undeserved. Some people would even go as far to classify a small multi-tool as a weapon! I am simply baffled by this and hope anyone who feels this way will take the time to think about and consider how they “perceive” folding knives and compare that to the practical ways in which they are actually used by the vast majority of knife owners. If you are a knife user or collector please take the time to give your support to Knife Rights.

How It Began

I was first introduced to folding knives with a traditional style slipjoint pocket knife (Case Peanut with yellow handle) and had many more slipjoints in my early years of knife collecting, but my taste in pocket knives have evolved over the years and I now prefer modern designed single blade folding knives with locking systems and either thumb studs, a opening hole or a flipper for one-handed blade deployment. I find they are more functional, safer and much easier/quicker to open than traditional two-handed pocket knives with a nail nick. I still like to collect traditional style knives, but I don’t carry or use them, except maybe to test blade sharpness.

Helping You Find the Best Pocket Knife

My goal with BetterPocketKnife.com is to help you find the best pocket knife that meets your cutting (or collecting) needs. I hope to provide many more articles, reviews and pocket knife comparisons in the future to help you in completing that task and hopefully getting your knife collection started (or adding to it if you have already caught the knife bug, like me).

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