Explanation of EDC Pocket Knives

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Life is full of mischievous, unexpected problems.  You never know when the use of an EDC pocket knife will come in handy.  The term “EDC” is an acronym that stands for Every Day Carry, referring to small items that are carried or worn daily, allowing them to be available for immediate use. These small items are either carried in a pocket, a small bag, on a key chain, in the side pockets of cargo pants, around the neck, or in a boot or shoe.  They are typically composed of either small gadgets used on a daily basis or tools used primarily in the event of an emergency. Every day carry includes items, such as a small knife, flashlight, lighter, corkscrew, mobile phone, and any other small item used to manage life and its unexpected occurrences more efficiently.

Being Prepared for Any Situation

Every day carry is also a philosophy.  Proponents of EDC believe it is necessary to remain in a constant state of preparedness; however, each individual’s state of preparedness is defined by what he or she deems as prepared, so gadgets carried by each person may vary.  EDC believers are survivalists who live a lifestyle centered on the expectation that there are items essential to have on one’s person at all times that will aid him or her in a time of need or in a time of trouble.

Collection of EDC items

Typical assortment of common EDC gear

An EDC pocket knife is a small knife that typically fits into smaller compartments such as a pocket, fanny pack, on a belt, key chain, boot, a small carry bag, or any area on an individual where it is accessible and safe for carrying.  A survivalist needs tools that will work effectively when they are required to be used.  This aspect of the EDC philosophy is central to the whole concept.  EDC advocates research and often test the products they use to make sure they will be useful for the task they were created to perform prior to selecting a specific tool.

What attributes makes a good EDC knife?

A person’s choice for an EDC pocket knife may vary widely from others as it is based on the individual’s personal taste, but there are general rules that EDC pocket knife seekers should consider prior to purchasing one. There are numerous brands and categories of knives.  Some may not be suitable to carry as an EDC pocket knife, but would be excellent for another use.  An acceptable pocket knife should not be so small that it lacks durability, such as a small razor blade, and should not be so big and bulky that it cannot be worn or carried comfortably.  So, initially the size of the knife is a good starting point when trying to decide on a perfect match.

Spyderco Dragonfly EDC Pocket Knife

Could the Spyderco Dragonfly be your next EDC?

The weight of an EDC pocket knife is also an important factor to consider prior to choosing and EDC.  The area where the knife will remain for a long period of time should be able to handle the weight of the knife without causing damage to clothing or restrict comfort.  For example, a knife that causes the pocket to droop and tear is not a good choice.  Knives are typically made with steel blades, but there are different types of steel and different types of blades, so it is important to select a knife made with a type of steel that will last long, will not rust quickly, has a blade that can be sharpened easily, and is a good quality cutting tool.

The model type of an EDC pocket knife is also something to contemplate. Many popular knife models to consider are the Barlow knife, congress knife, elephant’s foot knife, canoe knife, and the stockman knife. The locking system a pocket knife uses is equally as important as its model. Whether it is made using a liner lock, a frame lock, a back lock, or lock back, a mid-lock, a ring or twist lock, or a lever lock, the mechanism must be efficient, safe, and the best system for the user to maneuver.

A single-blade pocket knife comes in many shapes and sizes and has a simple opening mechanism that is not complicated to use.  A multi-blade pocket knife has a variety of blades to choose from and can hold either two blades, or three, and four blade models that have added tools.  A Swiss army knife and a multi-tool knife come with blades and many useful tools as an added benefit.  A high quality handle that is easy to grip is also essential.  The common materials used to make knife handles are aluminum, celluloid, bone, wood, G10, FRN and Micarta.  Pick out a handle that will give the best grip and fits in your hand comfortably. My favorite EDC knife is the Persistence from Spyderco. It has what I consider the perfect size blade for EDC, low price point, G10 handle scales, great ergonomics, stout liner lock, a razor sharp blade out of the box that is easy to sharpen and holds an edge reasonably well.

Add A Knife To Your Collection of EDC Items

Clearly the pros of an everyday carry knife far outweigh any possible cons.  The important thing is to find a knife that is within your budget, effectively suits your needs, is comfortable to carry on a daily basis and fits your personal preferences of what a good knife should be.  Do yourself a favor. Find a quality folding knife, add it to your EDC gear and always be prepared for whatever life throws at you.