Best Buck Folding Knives

Buck Knives Company Profile

Buck Knives logoBuck is known for designing and producing a wide variety of high quality knives. The company was founded by Hoyt Buck in 1902 and has been a family run business ever since. The key factor that makes this knife company special is that it has been maintained by the Buck family since it was first founded. It is one of the oldest knife companies in America and the product quality is simply superb. The Buck family takes pride in designing high quality hand crafted knives for their clients. The company’s headquarters can be found in Post Falls, Idaho. However, the company was first founded in San Diego, California in 1902. Buck is dedicated to providing customers with traditional sporting knives. They do not design knives for military use and only have a few knives designed specifically for recreational use such as hunting.

Research and Trademarks

Buck has been active since 1902 which means the company has over 100 years of experiences creating the best knives for every occasion. Top researchers have collaborated together to create the best design possible for each Buck knife. Buck Knives is responsible for creating the “folding hunting knife” technology. There was no such thing as a folding hunting knife before Buck Knives pioneered the technology and developed it. Since then, the term “Buck Knife” has been used to describe any hunting knife that can be folded into an upright position.  If you are a hunter you need a trusty Buck knife to accompany you on your hunts. Nowadays almost every professional hunter owns at least one Buck knife.

The most popular type of Buck knife is known as the Model 110. This model is the original folding knife design. Buck pioneered this design and now it is one of the most popular knife designs in the world. The mechanism locks the blade in place once it is upright. The mechanism is so strong that you can hammer down on the knife if you want to snap a piece of wood or skin large game during your hunting sessions. It is extremely durable and convenient for hunters.

Other Information

Buck has such a rich culture and historical background that the company offers regular tours to the factory on a regular basis. Booking a tour is relatively easy over the phone and throughout the tour you will learn how the knives are crafted and sold as well as valuable history facts about the company’s origins. Buck are sold internationally through different retailers. In fact, Buck offers you the opportunity to become a retailer yourself. All you need to do is contact the company directly and inquire about how you may be of assistance. Most Buck knives are designed from 400 series stainless steel. An incredibly durable and sharp steel that is perfect for knife blades. Each knife blade is sharpened with Buck’s patented technology known as Edge2X. It perfects the edge of each blade and improves durability. It is the reason why Buck knives remain sharp even after years of use.