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Kershaw Knives Company Profile

Kershaw Knives logo, knife makerKershaw designs and manufactures a wide variety of different knives for different markets. The founder of Kershaw was a former employee of Gerber Knife Company. The company was founded by Peter Kershaw who was a former salesman at Gerber. He founded the company in 1974 and it is still manufacturing high quality knives today. The company’s headquarters can be found in Portland, Oregon. However, the company ships their products internationally and there are several stores in countries other than the United States. Kershaw focuses on creating sports knives, pocket knives, and kitchen cutlery. They do not create knives primarily for military or survival use.

Research and History

When Kershaw first began manufacturing knives it depended on Japanese materials to create their products. The materials were imported all the way from Japan. However, the company no longer depends on Japan to provide the resources necessary to create high quality knives. Kershaw Knives has collaborated with hundreds of different knife experts and companies to create optimal products for their clients. As mentioned earlier, Kershaw designs three types of knives: pocket knives, kitchen knives, and sporting knives. There are three main products that Kershaw manufactures. These products are the trademark of Kershaw Knives: Zero Tolerance, Shun Cutlery, and Kai housewares. The Zero Tolerance brand is for sporting knives while Shun Cutlery and Kai Housewares are brands of kitchen knives. Kershaw knives have been used as props in various movies such as Driven to Kill with Steven Seagal and the television series Lost. You can also spot Kershaw kitchen knives in television shows Two and Half men, and Modern Family.


Kershaw knives have won a variety of different awards for their superior blade strength and quality. For instance, in 2005 Kershaw won four awards at the Blade Show. The company also won the “knife of the year” award for 2005. The company won an award each year for a four year streak and in 2012 they won the award for knife of the year once again.


In addition to the other positive aspects of the Kershaw knife company, each product manufactured by the company is granted a lifetime warranty. In other words, you do not need to worry about buying new knives if one of your Kershaw knives breaks. You can simple send them in to be repaired or replace the knives with a different model. Kershaw also offers a free “knife sharping” service. All you have to do is send the knife to the company and they will sharpen it for you 100% free of charge.

Other Information

Kershaw was one of the first companies to produce assisted open knives with their SpeedSafe technology. The model has been adopted by many other knife companies and now you can find thousands of SpeedSafe knives on the market. Similarly, the company first introduced the idea of designing knives with interchangeable blade. The technology was called Blade Traders and it allows knife owners to change the blades of their knives as they please. Another technology that Kershaw pioneered is known as Composite Blade and it allows the combination of two different types of steel to create one blade.

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