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Spyderco Company Profile

Logo of Spyderco, knife manufacturerSpyderco is a knife company which specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality and sometimes peculiar looking knives. They are devoted to providing customers with extremely high quality knives which can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. For instance, Spyderco has designed knives for military use, hunting, and culinary activities. The company has been in business since 1978 and their headquarters can be found in Golden, Colorado.

Knife Designs

Spyderco has manufactured hundreds of different products for a wide variety of markets. However, each folding knife that the company manufactures has one thing in common; a one handed opening. In other words, the knives have been designed to open without the use of two hands. The most common example of a one handed opening knife is a switch blade. You simply press down on a button located on the handle of the knife and the blade immediately pops into an upright position. Knives which utilize a one handed opening mechanism are extremely useful in circumstances that require a quick weapon or tool. Soldiers will benefit the most from open-handed knives because occasionally they engage in hand to hand combat. Spyderco has manufactured hundreds of knives that are designed for military use. One of their trademark designs is a round hole in the blade (often referred to as the “Spyderco Hole” or “Spyder Hole”) which allows for easier one handed deployment and closing of the blade.

Research for Each Product

Spydero does not release a product unless they are 100% sure it will satisfy their customers. There are hundreds of hours of research behind each knife designed by Spyderco. The company takes pride in designing high quality knives. They even state on their website that they do not design knives purely for monetary gain; they wish to satisfy each of their customers with incredibly high quality knives.

Spyderco has hired hundreds of individuals to help with the production of each product. Before the manufacturing process begins, the company hires respected scientists or martial arts experts (depending on which market the knife is going to be targeting) to agree upon the design of each knife. In other words, the company hires experts to help with the design of a knife depending on which market they plan to target with the product. For example, if they want to design a knife for military use, they will hire expert in military hand to hand combat. Once the team of experts agrees upon the optimal design for their product the manufacturing process begins.

The Manufacturing Process

Spydero owns several factories that create top notch knives for each market. Several different materials are used to create each knife. For example, the company has used over 20 different materials to create their knives. The company does not depend on one type of metal for their blades – they have experimented with many different metals. In fact, Spyderco was the first company to use powder metallurgy to design a knife blade. Once the manufacturing process is complete the knife undergoes rigorous hours of testing until it can be sold to the public.

So if you are looking for a new knife for your collection Spyderco knives are highly recommended. You can find a Spyderco knife designed specifically for almost any niche.

Spyderco Knife Reviews

Top Rated Spyderco Folding Knives

KnifeBlade SteelHandleBlade LengthLock Type
Spyderco Tenacious
8Cr13MoVG103.39"Liner Lock
Manic 2
Manix 2
CTS-BD1FRCP3.37"Ball Bearing
Endura 4
Endura 4
Spyderco Dragonfly
Spyderco Sage 3
Sage 3
S30VBlue G103"Bolt Action