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Victorinox logo, Makers of the Siwss Army KnifeVictorinox is a popular knife manufacturing company which is famous for creating the iconic Swiss army knife. Most people are unaware of the fact that the actual knife company to create Swiss army knives is in fact Victorinox.  The company was founded in 1884 which makes it one of the oldest knife companies still in business. Additionally, it is one of the largest knife companies in business. The company has over 1700 employees as of 2009. The company was founded by Karl Elsener and Nicholas Elsener in 1884 in Switzerland. The founder had a revolutionary idea to include several different accessories into one pocket knife. Each accessory can be folded and locked in place. The standard Swiss army knife has 5 different accessories. These knives were primarily manufactured for the Swiss military but nowadays the military does not use these knives. However, these knives are incredibly popular and almost every person has owned one at some point in their lives.


Each knife contains a set of different tools such as a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a blade, a small saw, scissors, etc. Some Swiss army knives include almost every accessory you can think of. For example, some Swiss army knives have an accessory which contains a small magnifying glass which can be used to start fires on hot days. The Swiss army knife is the perfect tool for people who enjoy long treks into the wilderness. It is built from durable stainless steel and the technology used to keep each tool snapped in place allows you to apply pressure on each tool and it won’t break.


Victorinox has created many different products that many people have never heard of. By far the most popular product is the Swiss army knife but there are several other products that are worth mentioning. For instance, the company was responsible for designing bayonets that have been used in World War 2 and are still used during traditional army ceremonies.  In addition to designing pocket knives and bayonets, Victorinox has manufactured a wide variety of travel products such as coats and luggage.


It is very easy to determine whether or not a product has been created by Victorinox. All you have to look for is a red Swiss flag embroidered somewhere on the surface of the product. Each product contains the same mark.

Other Information

The company has blamed most of its success on the stories that have been shared about how a Swiss army knife has helped each customer. The adventures that people embark on with their trusty Swiss knife are told over and over and hundreds of people end up hearing about the Swiss knife that saved the day. The Swiss army knife contains a wide variety of tools that can help people who are in a wide variety of different situations. The Swiss army knife is extremely small and it does not add additional weight to a heavy load. It weighs a few hundred grams and can fit nicely in a pocket. The knife is extremely resourceful and everyone should own at least one.

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