Best Case Folding Knives

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Case Company Profile

Case logo, maker of traditional style pocket knivesW.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company (“Case” for short) is a knife manufacturing company which specializes in creating traditional pocket knives for various purposes. The company does not to target the military/hand to hand combat market but prefer to create knives for non-violet use. For instance, the company has created over 200 knives for the hunting, cooking, and collector markets. The company was founded in 1889 and its headquarters can be found in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Case is one of the oldest knife companies in the U.S and their knives are extremely high quality.

Knife Designs

Case designs knifes for recreational use. Regardless, each knife design undergoes hours of extensive research until each flaw is sorted out. The company takes pride in creating traditional knives that are made from high quality materials. There are five design patterns that the company uses to create knives. Case still follows the original patterns created back when the company was founded. They do not stray far from the following patterns: The Hobo, The CopperLock, The SlimLock, The Cheetah, and The RussLock. All of the designs except for The Cheetah contain at least two different accessories. For instance, The Hobo is a knife design that has two handles, when the handles separate, four different accessories are revealed: a spoon, fork, blade, and bottle opener. There are several different variations of this design and some knives contain different accessories but the basic design has the four accessories mentioned earlier.

The Research Process

The company claims that there are over 160 steps required to manufacture each knife. In other words, the manufacturing process requires 160 steps before the knife is suitable for the public. These steps can be divided into three separate categories: design research, metal work, and testing. Each knife is tested for strength and durability before it is sold. The company is famous for creating pocket knives and each pocket knife contains at least 3 separate tools – occasionally more – and each tool needs to be tested.

So as you can imagine the testing takes a considerable amount of time. Regardless, Case is very thorough with the manufacturing process of each knife in order to guarantee that each knife of excellent. There are over 300 employees working for Case. Each knife is handcrafted.

The Metal Work

Case has experimented with several different types of metals but the company prefers to stick to the following four types of metals: chrome vanadium, surgical stainless steel, Damascus, BG42, and 154M. If you own a Case knife you have probably noticed the label Tested XX stamped somewhere on the knife. The label represents the testing process the knife has gone through. In other words, it has been tested twice, hence the two Xs.

Other Information

Case is famous for several different reasons. For one, each handle is natural materials that are both durable and provide an excellent grip. The company has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to find the absolute best materials on earth to create handles from. Another aspect of Case that is intriguing is the fact that there is a Collector’s Club that you can join. The club is a community of different members who collect knives as a hobby.

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