Spyderco Sage Review (Carbon Fiber)

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Spyderco Sage in the closed position

In this review, we’ll be covering the original Spyderco Sage with carbon fiber handle scales (laminate over G-10). This EDC knife represents Spyderco’s 30 year pledge to continuously craft knives and to improve upon their work, honing their skills over the decades. This blade comes standard with a twill-woven carbon fiber handle that fits both right and left hands for a comfort fit and added functionality. The ridges of this knife run deep to provide a better non-slip grip while cutting with the EDC knife’s extra sharp steel (S30V) blade.

One of the most interesting details about the Sage is its “cutting edge” liner lock folding system. This locking system was designed by knife maker Michael Walker, and is employed by all Spyderco knives of the Sage series. The Sage brings a great feel, distinguished look, and exceptional cutting abilities together in this very affordable unit. Spyderco also prides itself on generosity by giving back to the people who support them. This extremely durable and comfortable knife is currently available for just under $110, and according to Spyderco, five percent of all Sage series sales will be donated to the National Alzheimer Association located in Denver, Colorado.

Here are a few important details about the Spyderco Sage EDC knife:

  • Folding knife with a 3 inch CPF-S30V steel blade (S30V is a premium stainless steel with high tolerance to wear and rust resistance)
  • Spear-point blade shape which is fully flat ground for precision cutting; edge angle is approximately 15 degrees
  • Twill-woven carbon fiber handle for superior comfort and control
  • Very smooth and tight liner lock folding system
  • Excellent jimping along the top of the blade, as well as the blade portion of the 50/50 finger choil that really locks in your hand for a sturdy grip
  • Silhouette wire pocket clip (attached with one small torx screw, reversible for right or left handed carrying) that has been heat treated and allows the knife to ride deep in the pocket
  • Blade lockup is perfect, has no side to side or up and down blade play at all
  • Measures in at just over 4 inches closed and weighs only 3.2 ounces

Listen to what some owners of the Sage have to say about this EDC knife:

“Let me say that the Sage just blew me away. It was only the second Spyderco I owned and because of it I became an addict. I usually like my knives a little bigger, with blades between 3.5″ and 4″, and I was never a great fan of liner locks. Well, this little 3″ Sage really changed my perspective…” Click here to read more

and another:

“I saw this knife about a year ago in a knife shop, and have nearly picked one up a couple of times since then. Amazon’s price was better than anywhere else, so I ordered it from them. Very nice knife. I like the feel of the handle, the blade size and design are also excellent. The handle is of a nice Carbon fiber material. Seems to be well-built, and was fairly sharp out of the box. My only disappointment was…” Click here to read more

In general, this knife has received extremely positive reviews from very satisfied knife enthusiasts and collectors. It has ranged from the description of fantastic, to flawless, to perfection. Even those that had their doubts about the knife, if willing to only give it a chance were absolutely blown away. One particularly satisfied customer described it as “my favorite knife and I take it with me every day.” This Spyderco Sage Review went further to say that they recommended this knife, and that they would shop Spyderco again. Its only negativity comes in the form of one extreme case in which a user was wounded relatively badly by the knife. This is rare and to be expected when handling sharp and otherwise dangerous objects. Proper precaution is advised and should be taken in all situations. Other than this rare incident, however, this Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Knife has received countless glowing reviews from very distinct and vastly different walks of life, proving this particular EDC knife is very versatile and meets the needs of nearly every situation you could think of for a folding pocket knife.

Other features of this blade, as noted by the consumers themselves, were its stylish, yet non-threatening appearance. It was described as a “gentleman’s blade” for anyone that generally carried a knife on them for day to day activities. It has a blade small enough to remain unassuming, yet sharp enough to handle all of your cutting needs. Its nearly flawless design keeps it maneuverable and manageable, while retaining its precision cutting ability.

One of the most important features of a knife is its cutting ability, and you will not be disappointed. The newer steel in this blade also allows it to hold its edge longer, and certain customers described it as “scary sharp” straight out of the box. It was used by one customer to shave the hair off of a friend’s arm, and due to the open back design, washing the blade was hassle free as well. It is also easily resharpened due to its flat grind profile. Now, with a blade THIS sharp, proper precaution is needed; and it was taken by Spyderco, introducing their state of the art liner lock folding system. The locking mechanism is incredibly smooth, while still providing plenty of resistance to keep this knife sealed safely away while in your pocket. The lock also provides plenty of resistance in the other direction as well, easily keeping this blade extended while cutting to avoid accidents or any other inconveniences. This beautifully crafted knife is high quality in all aspects, making it a near perfect knife. One particular Sage owner precautions “once you buy a Sage, you won’t need another knife, but you may be tempted to try out all the other knives Spyderco has to offer.”

Spyderco Sage with the blade flipped open.

Final Thoughts On The Sage

To sum up this particular knife review, it’s sharp. Both figuratively and literally! The Sage brings aesthetic craftsmanship and outstanding fit and finish that melds perfectly with its functionality. It can be used to tackle any job, big or small, that you would normally expect from a folding knife and it is easily concealable within a pants pocket at a folding size of only just over 4 inches. It is a real working man’s pocket knife, with enough style to be carried by a gentleman. The only real drawback I can think of is the lack of a lanyard hole. Not a deal breaker for me, but if you absolutely have to use a lanyard with your knife it’s something to keep in mind. If I could personally recommend any all-around knife to you, it would be this one. The negativity built up on this particular unit is so minimal, it can nearly be written off as nonexistent!

In over 70 user reviews, only one of them has been three stars or less. This knife has proven itself capable of many diverse situations in which other knives may be more suitable, but this single knife can replace and nearly outmatch 15 other knives of varying lengths, sizes, locking mechanisms, and blades. For the price, this EDC knife cannot be beat. Being of “cutting edge” design, featuring a state of the art locking system, a short, yet powerful and dangerously sharp blade with S30V steel, and following Spyderco’s guaranteed excellence in craftsmanship, $100 never bought you a better knife.

BetterPocketKnife.com Rating:

5 / 5 stars      

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