Best SOG Folding Knives

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SOG Company Profile

SOG Knives LogoSOG Specialty Knives is a company which is famous for re-designing and manufacturing the SOG knife which was used during the Vietnam War. SOG knives were typically designed for covert operations during the Vietnam War. The knife was coated with a black paint in order to reduce glare and designed for close-combat situations. The first SOG knives were originally designed by Benjamin Baker. These knives were created without any labels or model numbers imprinted anywhere on the surface of the knife. The reason for that is because the knives were meant to be as untraceable as possible. Most SOG knives are encased in a leather sheath which contains a grindstone on one side to make it easy to sharpen the knife whenever necessary.

When the Vietnam War ended, the SOG knife design was picked up by SOG Specialty Knives. Of course, SOG Specialty Knives does not create knives for covert operations; they simply adopted the original style of the SOG knife, and began manufacturing similar knives.

The company SOG Specialty Knives was founded in 1986 by Spencer Frazier. Their headquarters can be found in Santa Monica, California. Currently the company has over 200 employees. Spencer Frazier originally redesigned the knife to pay tribute to the soldiers who died during the Vietnam War. He founded the company with his wife Gloria Frazier.

SOG Design

SOG Specialty Knives designs knives for a wide range of different uses. For instance, they sell hunting knives, survival knives, pocket knives, etc. However, SOG is best known for their tactical knife selection. Each of the knives designed for tactical use are based on the original SOG knife design. The company’s two most popular knife designs are SOG Bowie and SEAL 2000. The SOG Bowie design closely resembles the original SOG knife that was used during the Vietnam War. It is simply an improved version of the original design. The SOG Bowie knives are very popular in South East Asia. In fact, many people believe that the SOG Bowie knives are SOG Specialty Knives best products.

The SEAL 2000 knife was designed specifically for the United States Navy Seals. It is built with a rubber handle and a 7 inch blade. Two of these knives were used in the Dartmouth College Murders. The model number on the sheath of these knives helped the police determine who committed the crime. Nowadays each product manufactured by SOG Specialty Knives has a model number which can easily be traced. The original SOG Knife had no model number and was untraceable. The vast majority of SOG Specialty Knives products are coated with a layer of black paint. The paint helps reduce glare on the blade and camouflages the blade during the night.

Other SOG Products

The company also designs and manufactures several products that are worth mentioning. For example, SOG also designs hatchets and axes for outdoor use. You can also purchase many different tools from them such as saws and several multi-purpose tools. SOG Specialty Knives creates survival tools and knives for almost any activity. Their knives are designed from the highest quality materials on the market and are incredibly durable.