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  • Kershaw Skyline Review (Model 1760)

    Kershaw has a large selection of flipper knives in their resume and the Skyline 1760 up for review now happens to be one of the most popular and successful Kershaw flipper knives to date. Why does this folding knife receive such high praise? Well first of, it’s made in the USA and can be found for […]

  • Ontario RAT Review (Model 2)

    The RAT Model 1 folding knife previously released by the Ontario Knife Company is an amazing value for a large and somewhat heavy folding camping/tactical knife, but what about those of us who prefer smaller, compact and lightweight knives for EDC? The RAT Model 2 is Ontario’s answer to that problem in 2013. The RAT […]

  • Kershaw Leek Review (Model 1660)

    For knife enthusiasts, one blade that will certainly cause quite a stir is the Kershaw Leek. Why did this knife create such hype? For one thing, the Leek is one of the many prized creations of the award-winning custom knife maker Ken Onion. Other reasons why the Kershaw Leek is so popular is because of […]

  • Victorinox SwissChamp Review – Best Swiss Army Knife?

    There are many things in life we consider a memorable part of our childhood that we bring with us until adulthood. The very first time we encountered such things, they never left our consciousness and they have remained with us for the rest of our lives. One of these things is the Swiss Army Knife; […]

  • Boker Epicenter Review – Titanium Scales, VG-10 Blade

    The Boker Plus Epicenter is a cutting edge knife. It’s one of the finest value knives ever to be produced by Boker. The premium features and design are what separate it from the crowd. Innovation is an area where Boker shines brighter than the sun. The engineering that went into this knife is a testament […]

  • Gerber E.A.B. Lite Review (EDC Utility Knife)

    Utility knives might seem a little ordinary and boring when compared to folding and survival knives, but they are in fact the most useful ones for regular, every day tasks that require a sharp blade. Gerber has been offering quality utility knives to its customers for many years, and the Gerber 31-000345 E.A.B. Lite folding utility knife is one of the latest additions to their collection and our latest blade up for review.

  • Spyderco Sage Review (Carbon Fiber)

    In this review, we’ll be covering the original Spyderco Sage with carbon fiber handle scales (laminate over G-10). This EDC knife represents Spyderco’s 30 year pledge to continuously craft knives and to improve upon their work, honing their skills over the decades. This blade comes standard with a twill-woven carbon fiber handle that fits both […]